Monday, July 21, 2014

Day 4 Biggest Fear

July 18,  2014

Today I faced (and conquered) my greatest fear at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom!  Ever since I was four years old, I always said I was going to ride Splash Mountain at Magic Kingdom. But I always saw the fifty foot drop and I would chicken out!  This year I had no choice, because I made the big pinky promise and I didn't want to disappoint my Granny!!!! So, there we were, standing in the line and it seemed like hours which gave me more anxiety!!!  The time came and I was ready to back out BUT I pushed myself on to the ride!!!

The ride went smoothly until everything went dark and we started to drift up the hill and FLASH, BOOM, CRASH we were down the hill in less than three seconds.

I was so scared I didn't even scream!  It was like I was a statue!  After we got off Splash Mountain, I decided to prove I had my big girl pants on and ride Big Thunder Mountain, also at Magic Kingdom!!!  A real roller coaster!!!  But it turns out I left my big girl pants at home!  I decided to close my eyes the entire ride, which is why I can't tell you much about that ride!!!!  I kept my commitment and the best part is... I don't ever have to ride either Splash Mountain or Big Thunder Mountain ever again!!!!