Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Day 6 Time for Hollywood Studios

July 20, 2014

Today we went to Hollywood Studios.  They have a show called the American Idol Experience.  You get to watch contestants sing.  After everyone has sung, the audience gets to vote for the performer they liked the best.  Whoever wins, gets the chance to go on to the real American Idol.  The girl I voted for sang Let It Go, from Frozen.  Guess what???  She won!!!

Me at American Idol Experience in Hollywood Studios....2014

The girl in the middle was the winner! 
During our Disney trip last year, we went to the American Idol experience and I got to audition.  Unfortunately you have to be 14 years old to compete and I was too young.  They said that I was so good and to come back when I was 14.  It was so much fun but it was getting late so we decided to go back to the hotel.  I can't wait for tomorrow.  We are going to Downtown Disney.  We are going to look to for Vinylmations.  They are small figures in the shape of Mickey Mouse.

Minnie and Mickey Vinylmations

My Granny has 100 or more of them.  I want to see if they have any cool new Vinylmations at Downtown Disney. My brother and I like to play with Granny's Vinylmations at her house.  I collect them also and love looking for them at the Disney stores.